FAAST Aspirating Smoke Detection

Protect a facility and its high-value assets such as tools, equipment, product and data by catching fire before there's smoke!

FAAST provides facility managers and equipment owners with various levels of alert at the earliest stages of a fire, as early as 60 minutes before combustion. Your assets are protected from the damaging effects of the faintest traces of smoke, while precious time is made available for appropriate action by safety personnel. With this very early fire and smoke detection, you protect people and assets, maintain business continuity and ensure productivity.

FAAST also helps facilities run smarter and smoother. The FAAST sensing technology is extremely sensitive, so it works precisely the way it was designed to, which ensures uptime. In AcclimateTM mode, the detector automatically adjusts itself to current environmental conditions, so you avoid nuisance alarms that can lead to costly downtime and unwarranted activation of suppression systems, which can damage sensitive machinery.

Low Cost of Ownership, Backed by Expert Support

Honeywell Analytics' skilled System Integration team can help get your FAAST system online quickly and perform optimally. We'll provide as much help as you require, with design and installation, or integration with an existing Life Safety system, or consultative guidance to your installation team. Plus our technical service team is available 24/7 throughout the U.S., so a technical expert is always close by to help you. In sum, our technical resources and integration expertise frees you up to be more productive while respecting your company's bottom line.


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